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Alaina Tyson


 Alaina Tyson is a wife, mother of 3, bonus mother of 2, poet, author, fitness enthusiast, baker, and background actress. She is a certified Spin Instructor as well as a certified South Carolina Family & Consumer Science Teacher. She has taught school in 3 states and has taught every grade. Alaina gets true joy from motivating and helping others. When not teaching classes she can be found writing poetry, reading books, or playing outside in the South Carolina sun with her family and her adorable rescue dog, Angel. 

  • Alaina's energy level on a scale of 1-10 has registered consistently at an 11

  • Her dog Angel helps her watch Netflix

  • Alaina is frequently caught singing and dancing while preparing meals

  • Alaina was previously known as The Bikini Baking Lady 

  • Alaina is a brain tumor surgery survivor and hasn't let it slow her down 

  • If you have something to complain about, Alaina prefers you to be on her left side - she is deaf in that ear! 

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