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Be Patient I Have Learned!

Oh my gosh! I had my book in my hands. The day BEFORE the goal I set way back in March! I did it! I accomplished something on time as my own boss - that is HARD to do! My amazing husband brought in the mail and I saw the large manilla Amazon package and knew right away it was my book!! I ripped the package open as quickly as a kid on Christmas morning and immediately loved the cover and back cover. I was immediately so thankful Torre and our publisher friend, Jennifer Tubbiolo, helped me make the cover into the most beautiful and catchy cover possible. BUT and this is a big, huge but - the book didn't look exactly like I knew it should look on the inside. After a long call with the publishing company we found out my illustrator used the wrong program to upload causing some of the illustrations to be darker than they were when I viewed them on my computer screen. AGHHHH!!! More waiting, more back and forth with the illustrator and layout guy. More work but I know I can do this. I just now uploaded the correct version of my illustrations to the layout guy. He will perform his magic and then I will send to Amazon KDP. They take about 24 hours to go over any changes to make sure I didn't make another mistake (although they didn't catch the wrong program for the illustrations problem). And then my book baby will be ready for the WORLD!!!!! I am also working with another publishing company to publish Bear With Us in hardcover too. It is more expensive to make and will be more expensive for my readers to purchase (probably sell for $19.99) but it will be a collector's edition and completely beautiful too. Thank you for BEARING with me on this journey! I really appreciate your support and please buy my new book when it is available on Amazon and soon Barnes & Noble too! I can't wait to share this amazing story with you!

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