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I'm SO close to my goal!

Are you excited? I am! For life, to vote, and for the release of my new book, "Bear with Us"! It's a true story about an unbelievable bear encounter during our evacuation from South Carolina to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. This happened almost exactly 4 years ago and during the corona virus pandemic last spring I decided to write about our experience. What came out was a rhyming children's book that will be loved by all ages of readers. I gave myself a deadline of November 10 to have the book in hand and I am doing everything in my power to keep that goal and deadline. But right now my hands are tied as the layout person has everything and is getting the publishing part finished up. When I have the book in my hands I will be so happy, proud and excited to share our story with YOU! If you have any knowledge about spreading the word about my book, "Bear with Us", please reach out to me - I am always up for advice and help. I am so thankful for the amazing support of my wonderful husband, my family and friends! Check back soon for an update---fingers crossed! With Love, Alaina

This is a rough draft of one of the illustrations in the book. It was harder than I thought to describe exactly what I want in each illustration but my illlustrator did a great job! And all of the back and forth with the illustrator was done 100% via email, no meetings or phone calls. I am thrilled with the turn out and hope you are too!

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